Welcome to Panel 63 (2013-14) Area 53 Officers

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

At the September 2012 Area 53 Assembly, the following trusted servants were elected to Panel 63 for the period starting Jan 2013 through Dec 2014.

Dave C., Area 53 Delegate
Peggy A., Alternate Delegate

Steve S., Area 53 Chairperson
Greg M., Alternate Chairperson
Kristi H., Area 53 Treasurer
Kelly C., Alternate Treasurer
Dan H., Area 53 Registrar
Jim F., Alternate Registrar
Nita S., Area 53 Recording Secretary
Jayden C., Alternate Recording Secretary

The DCM committee recently elected Ginny L. as Chair and Peg S. as Secretary for Panel 63.

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