Area Inventory Questions | September 2019

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Dear Area 53, GSR’s, DCM’s, Area Officers and Interested AA’s,


In AA, the Group Conscience is the ultimate authority over our AA business affairs and operating decisions. However, with respect to District and Area business, the voice of each group is only expressed through the elected General Service Representative (GSR) who attends and votes at both the local district meetings as well as the Area Assemblies. The collective voice of Area 53 is then expressed through our elected Delegate, who then carries the Area 53 conscience to the General Service Conference in New York each spring.


It is the goal of Area 53 officers that our Area 53 business be done in a way that provides maximum service to our Area Groups and Districts. Ideally, all the Groups in Area 53 would participate in our Area 53 business so that our Area Group Conscience reflects the voice of as much of our membership as possible.


As in the past, Area 53 has occasionally conducted an inventory of itself, with input from our groups, to see where we can improve, make necessary changes, and better understand how we may be of service to our members. Our hope is that this inventory process will result in more Groups being represented and heard in our Area 53 assemblies. AA works better when we have the participation from as many of our members as possible. We know through our AA experience that ‘Participation is the Key to Harmony.’


 We will take 30 minutes to give time to fill out the inventory questions and talk among others around you.  We welcome as much input as possible from our Fellowship so that our Area 53 assemblies can represent all of AA in central Ohio and we can ‘join together in brotherly and harmonious action’ to make sure our fellowship is preserved for alcoholics now and in the future.


For a printable version of the questions, click here


1. What is your current AA service position? (@ Group, District, and/or Area)


2. Is your group represented at Area business meetings/Assemblies? If not why?


3. What could Area 53 do to make business meetings/Assemblies more efficient and productive?


4. Do you feel the GSR, DCM and Service Committee Reports at Assemblies encourages participation and/or attendance?


5. What can the Area do to better support the District Service Committees?


6. Is the assembly attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds? Are we seeing a good cross-section of our community, including those with accessibility issues?


7. Does your group understand how the Area 53 agenda is developed?


8. Does your group GSR understand their role at Area 53? If not why?


9. Do you feel the GSR’s are included in Area business? If not why?


10. Is your group represented at: District and Area Assembly?


11. Do you know who your Area and District trusted servants are?


12. Does your group understand the issues that the Area and Districts address?


13. Do you understand Area 53 finances?


14. Is Area 53 accumulating funds for no stated AA purpose? If yes, please explain?


15. With 1 being most important, please rate the importance of the following sources in finding information about your service position.

____ Area Handbook 

____ Service Manual 

____ Area Website  

____ Other internet resources

____ Past and present servants  

____ District workshops 

____ Area workshops 

____ Other


16. What can Area 53 do to make Area Assemblies more effective?


17. What can Area 53 do to help the Groups and Districts?


18. Do you feel there are barriers to full participation by any member of Area 53? If so please explain.


19. What is Area 53’s greatest strength?


20. What is Area 53’s greatest opportunity for improvement?


21. Does the current schedule of Area Assemblies encourage or discourage participation?


22. Are we doing all we can to provide a safe, attractive and accessible meeting place?


23. Mindful that holding office is a great responsibility not to be viewed as the outcome of a popularity contest, are we choosing our officers with care?


24. Does our group do its fair share toward participating in the purpose of A.A. — as it relates to our Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service?


25. Is there any comment you would like to add, not addressed in this inventory?


Copies will be available at the assembly, feel free to print and bring to the assembly September 8th as we will have a breakout session to discuss the inventory.

Or: Mail to Area 53 Inventory, P.O.Box 2131 Columbus, Oh 43216

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