Seven Days Until …

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

the Area 53 ELECTION for area officers and delegate who will serve 2015-16 on Panel 65. We hope your home group plans to send their representative to cast a vote for these trusted servants. If you have questions about the duties of your area officers or the election process, visit the Area 53 website. (As a favor, please inform at least one other person and encourage them to represent. There are very few subscribers to this newsletter as of Sep 6, 2014. – thanks!)

[mappress mapid=”3″ alignment=”right” height=”200″ width=”200″]The Area 53 Quarterly Assembly is September 14 with registration starting at 9:30am. The assembly is held at 1201 Sugar Creek Road SE, Lancaster OH (The Moose Family Center). In addition to the election, there will be other reports from officers and committees chairs, and other matters of business.

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