CPC-PI Reaches Out In August

The Area 53 CPC-PI committee reached out to approximately 1000 professionals at the 2017 Addiction Studies Institute (ASI) held August 2-4 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Over the three day period, our information table volunteers signed up 32 professionals to subscriptions to the General Service Office (GSO) quarterly newsletter, “About A.A,” and to additional … Read more CPC-PI Reaches Out In August

CPC-PI Event Held In District 19

Congratulations to District 19 for its CPC-PI and Twelfth Step work at the Hope for Highland County community information event held June 16 and 17 at the Highland County Fairgrounds. Steve D., DCM for District 19, said 1,200 people attended the Hope over Heroin and local churches sponsored community gathering held from 6 p.m. to … Read more CPC-PI Event Held In District 19

CPI-PI Committee Report – Mar 12, 2017

The CPC workbook says cooperating with nonalcoholic professionals is an effective way to carry the message to the sick alcoholic. Non-alcoholic professionals often meet the alcoholic in places where A.A. is not present. Through professionals, alcoholics may be reached who might otherwise never find the program, or they may be reached sooner with the help of informed non A.A.s.

A professional can be a family doctor or other health care professional, a member of the clergy, a law enforcement or court official, an educator, a social worker, an al¬coholism or other counselor, or anyone who deals with problem drinkers in the course of their work. Many of these people often encounter the suffering alcoholic, and in spite of public awareness, many of them simply don’t know what to do with a drunk.

On January 6 your committee members shared their story and spoke to five classes at Briggs High School in Columbus. And on February 13 members spoke at an O.S.U. food science class.

In practice, your Central and Southeastern Ohio CPC-PI committee members inform professionals and future professionals about A.A. – what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do.

We do things like go to a district or group event and tell how CPC-PI carries the message in Area 53.

This weekend we had a great response to our table top display. March 19 we will go to St. Peter Roman Catholic Church in Columbus. On March 25, I’ve been asked to talk about service in Area 53 at the District 26 Workshop in Whitehall.

We try to help any local CPC-PI committees too. This weekend we were able to give a starter pack of literature to a newly started committee from Byesville in District 6.

We could not do as much as we are doing without a helping hand. Thank you to groups of Area 53 for your group contributions. Thank you to the Intergroups, especially the Central Ohio Group Fellowship for communication assist and for cooperating in countless ways.

Your CPC-PI committee meets at 2 p.m. the first Sunday of each month, at MapleGrove Church at Henderson and High street in Columbus. Next meeting April 2.

Dave C.
CPC-PI Chairperson

CPC-PI Jan 2017 Meeting


The CPC=PI committee will gather as usual the first Sunday of January 2017. This will be an informal planning meeting to pass over the information to the new trusted servants, and to thank the outgoing panel for their service.

There is still an opening for a committee chairperson. The business card coordinator has resigned her position. Tom B., outgoing co-chair, is once again filling requests for informational meetings at Briggs High School and The Ohio State University. Requests come through many sources: the website, the area directory, COGF, as well as GSO.

Here’s to a grand and glorious 2017, filled with possibilities, steadfastness, and the promises of the program.

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