Correctional Facilities Committee Elections Sept 3, 2016

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We will be having our regular Correctional Facilities meeting and electing new officers:

Area 53 General Service
Correctional Facilities Committee
Elections 9/3/16 10 A.M. @ COGF

*These “Responsibilities” are suggestions based on the shared experience of others who have gone before us.

Should you consider any of the elected positions described below, you are expected to:
1) Attend four (4) CFC quarterly meetings yearly (March, June, September, December)
2) Attend four (4) Steering quarterly meetings yearly (February, May, August, November)
If elected, please remember your commitment to your position. Thank you for your service.

All terms are for two (2) years. Elections are held at the September meeting of the full committee in the same year as Area 53 elections. Trusted servants are elected by using majority vote. All elected officers of the CFC will serve on the CFC Steering Committee.

Committee Chairperson
• Shall chair committee meetings, including meetings of the CFC Steering Committee
• Provide written reports of the committee’s activity at the Area 53 Quarterly Assemblies, request funds, and complete the online committee report.
• Act as the administrative officer of Area 53 CFC
• Act to ensure Area 53 CFC functions in accordance with AA’s Twelve Traditions and serves the purpose, for which, it was established

• Shall make weekly “literature donation” pick-ups at the P.O. Box, as well as receive and record contributions from AA groups and individuals and provide receipts for contributions when requested
• Maintain a checking account for the Committee with at least two signatories (the Committee Treasurer and Alternate Treasurer or another elected officer)
• Provide a written financial report at each quarterly meeting of Area 53 CFC
• Maintain a year to date financial summary report and present at the end of each calendar year
• Make all disbursements by check and maintain accurate records

Literature Representative
• Shall maintain an inventory of CFC literature and request funds for literature purchases
• Ensure Literature Request forms are available to outside sponsors
• Ensure that all Area 53 CFC Literature is stamped with the Committee’s P.O. Box number
• Ensure that literature is being used responsibly, and that available literature is distributed evenly among those groups requesting literature
• Provide a written Literature Distribution Report to the Committee at each quarterly
• Ensure donations of any hardback literature are made available to institutions in Area 53
• Provide display of literature for CFC Quarterly meetings and workshop

Recording Secretary
• Shall record, and make available to the members, all minutes of CFC and Steering Committee meetings at or before the next meeting
• Maintain a list of all current GIR’s and Outside Sponsor’s contact information
• Maintain custody of all current documents and transfer to the CFC’s online archives
• Coordinate notification of steering committees to CFC officers and notify all contacts (officers, GIR’s, Outside Sponsor’s, etc) of upcoming Quarterly Meetings
• Work with the Area 53 Webmaster to maintain, update and create CFC website
• Provide technical assistance for correspondence and temporary contact programs

Correspondence Representative
• Shall make weekly, “correspondence mail” pick-ups at our P.O. Box 1201
• Shall administer the Area 53 Correspondence Program including maintaining a current database of all correspondents
• Provide a written Correspondence Activity Report to the Committee at each meeting

Prerelease Representative
• Shall make weekly, “prerelease mail” pick-ups at our P.O. Box 1201, which is located at the main post office and distribute its content appropriately
• Shall administer the Area 53 “Prerelease” Program including maintaining a current list or data base of all temporary contacts
• Provide a written Prerelease Activity Report to the Committee at each meeting

• Shall become the contact person between State of Ohio Department of Corrections and other Area 53 correctional facilities (shall cooperate with facilities, but not be affiliated with)
• Shall assist to further enhance the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous “behind the walls”
• Shall attend and/or present information at correctional workshops and conferences
• Provide a written Liaison Activity Report to the Committee at each quarterly meeting
• Assist the CFC Chairperson with the Annual CFC Workshop

All of the above positions have alternates. In total, we will be electing 14 positions. We need you to step up and take one of these positions. Consider one of the alternate positions to get your feet wet in the corrections committee. Thank you.

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