CPC-PI Committee Meets Sunday March 1

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

The CPC-PI upcoming committee meeting is March 1st, 2pm, at Maple Grove Church 7 W Henderson Road.

The agenda for this one hour meeting includes inventory of resources and reporting of recent and ongoing projects as well as information regarding new requests.

As reflected in the minutes, the committee welcomes a co-chair, as well as a coordinator for the business card project. Three new and/or previous members joined us at the Feb meeting, and 2 new members joined since.

Three speaking opportunities were met successfully, and requests continue to come in. Our next committee presence is the Area 53 Mini-Conference, March 6-8, at Deer Creek Conference Center in Mt. Sterling OH. We will be taking our information display to a health fair at St.Peters Church March 22.

In Love and Service,
Cheryl S, Chair, CPC-PI Committee

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