69th General Service Highlights | February 27, 2019

Last Updated on April 12, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

Stephen S., Area 53 Central and Southeastern Ohio


The Area Highlights are two-minute presentations made by the Delegates from the various Areas at the General Service Conference. They provide basic facts about each of the Areas for the other Delegates. Below is the presentation that our Delegate will present this year.


“Area 53 covers thirty-nine counties in Central and Southeastern Ohio. The Area currently has 765 registered groups, 25 districts, and 9 Standing Committees. All but two of the Districts have a DCM, and all but one of the Standing Committees are active. The Area Assembly meets quarterly, and the Area Committee meets the following month to plan the agenda for the next Assembly.


“The second weekend of March we hold a Mini-Conference to address a subset of the Conference Agenda items. We normally have a GSO Staff member and the Regional Trustee in attendance, who give GSO and Regional reports and share their stories with us.


“Our Corrections Committee’s “Spare Change Changes Lives” program purchased and donated to incarcerated A.A.s last year 1,285 Big Books and 843 Twelve and Twelves. The Treatment Committee is re-introducing the “Bridging the Gap” program. The CPC/PI Committee is active throughout the Area making presentations and working with professionals. Our Group Services Committee conducts a GSR/DCM School in districts on request, and at our annual Mini-Conference. Last year, the Grapevine Committee conducted a writing workshop that generated several submissions.


“Beginning with this Panel, Web Administrator is an elected, rotating position. The Web Administration team is introducing a new website, which is off to an impressive start. If you’re interested, you can find it at area53aa.org. “We are working to build stronger relationships with the Area’s YPAA groups y con los grupos hispanohablantes. Both of these communities are very active, but not participating consistently in the general service structure. Another goal for this Panel is to reignite the Accessibilities Committee.


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share these highlights, and I look forward to serving as a member of Panel 69.”


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