2021 General Service Conference Theme | September 26, 2019

Last Updated on December 21, 2021 by Technical Advisor

Agenda topics at each General Service Conference include the consideration topics for the following year‘s Conference theme, presentations and workshop topics.  The 2020 Conference Committee on Agenda has sent a request for suggestions to be considered for the 2021 General Service Conference. 

Theme, presentation and workshop topics revolve around basic principles of A.A. and can spark thought-provoking discussion at Area, district and standing committee meetings as well. This gives A.A. members the opportunity to participate and become more informed about A.A. 

The Delegate has been asked to submit the Area’s suggestions by December 15, 2019.  Please assist us by asking members of your group, district or standing for their suggestions. This will also be discussed at the December Area 53 Assembly and the Area 53 Mini-Conference next March. 

A history of past Conference themes, workshop and presentation topics are attached for your reference.


Themes of the General Service Conference 1951 – 2020

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