Public Information Opening on General Service Board Committee

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

Warm Greetings to all interested AAs,

If you have a background in Public Information and AA General Service work or know someone who is qualified, available and willing here is the opportunity to serve on a General Service Board Trustee Committee on Public Information. (See Service Manual page S71.)

The PDF included below describes the procedures for selection of the person to fill this service opportunity.

Qualifications include experience in development of public information videos, professional expertise in traditional media and currently evolving media, available time for multiple meetings of Trustee Committee on Public Information, at least 5 years of sobriety, ability to work on a committee, and experience in AA service.

Please contact me for submission of resume procedures.

In Service,

Dave C., Panel 63 Delegate (2013-14)
Area 53 Central & SE Ohio
p: 614-882-0036 c: 614-282-3755

GSB 2013 Procedures forAppointed Committee Member

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