75th Anniversary Commemorative Big Book

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With the General Service Conference approval AA World Services is publishing a special photo copy-produced original version replica of the book Alcoholics Anonymous originally published in April 1939.

The commemorative, archival edition is going to be available in April 2014.

A preview of the flyer that will announce the publication of the 75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book) is included below. You will note that order information is spelled out on the flyer, including shipping charges and discount pricing. The AA publishing arm will begin taking pre-orders on November 15, 2013, and the books will ship in April 2014, the month of the 75th anniversary of the first publication.

GSO plans to send out the flyer as an insert in the Holiday Edition of Box 4-5-9 and the other print newsletters later this fall, as well as to post it prominently on our Web site, www.aa.org, and feature it on the AAWS Online Store for easy ordering.

The flyer will be posted in a black and white version for easy printing, as well as color, and in the three languages of our Conference.

For any questions regarding this publication, please feel free to contact the Publishing Department at .

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AA Big Book Commemorative Edition order form

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