Area Inventory – June Questions

Last Updated on August 3, 2020 by Area 53 Web Team

The questions below will be considered at the June 2016 assembly.

Reflecting on the Area 53 Guidelines (Article IX) is the Area 53 Mini-Conference Committee achieving its “primary purpose?”

From the Area 53 Guidelines:
9) Mini-Conference Committee
a) Shall report regularly to the area assembly meeting.
b) Shall plan and organize the area mini conference.
c) Shall be chaired by the area 53 alternate delegate.
d) Area 53 alternate treasurer shall serve as mini conference treasurer.

What improvements could be considered to make sure agenda items and conference activities have a broader appeal (attract more members to attend)? Improvements must be practical.

How well does the mini-conference committee communicate to the Area membership about why we have this conference and how it works? How can they better communicate that the mini-conference is more than one weekend in March?

How can we improve the time allotted at the mini-conference weekend for committees, reports, presentations, and “free time” to ensure thorough deliberations that effectively inform our Delegate?

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