Information Segment: Where Money and Spirituality Mix

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“I believe in Alcoholics Anonymous, the most important service, is passing forward the message of hope and recovery by the twelve steps of AA. Bill writes carrying the message to the next sufferer, is the very lifeblood of our AA adventure, without this vital activity, we would soon become anemic; we would literally wither and die. This does cost the twelve stepper some time and expense. The summary of the eighth tradition states that twelve step work is never paid for. Our book states that we must give it away to keep it. We know we must help other alcoholics to remain sober, that motive became secondary. It was transcended by the happiness they found in giving themselves to others. Then we receive the gift and understanding of, love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Message from Frank G., Alternate Delegate, Area 53 Panel 65
Area 53 Assembly on December 11, 2016

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