What is a Panel?

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Useful Area Elections info
Useful Area Elections info.
Did you know that Area 53 is an “odd panel?” That means the assembly elects a new delegate and area officers at the September assembly to start serving a two-year term in “odd years.”

“Panel 67” delegate and officers started serving in 2017. “Panel 69” delegate and officers, who will serve 2019-2020, will be elected in September 2018. Hope this helps!

[su_quote cite=”From Appendix D in the AA Service Manual (page S109)” url=”http://aa.org/en_pdfs/en_box459_aug57.pdf”]Conference Panels

In any one year, about half of the AA groups are busy electing GSRs and half of all area assemblies are electing qualified delegates to the annual Conference meeting, depending on whether the area is an “odd” or “even” panel. A panel is a numerical designation that refers to a group of delegates elected to begin serving at the General Service Conference in a particular year.

The Conference started in 1951 (an odd year, Panel 1) and included 37 delegates.

The following year (an even year, Panel 2) there were 38 delegates added. Since then, there have been additional areas added to states and provinces – total count, 93 – with about half elected in an odd year and half in an even year.[/su_quote]

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