When We Know Better, We Do Better!

Last Updated on February 3, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

On Saturday, July 14, Districts 26, 28 & 30 held a GSR School and Safety in AA Workshop.


Dan S. expertly facilitated the GSR School using “the three R’s” Records, Reporting and Resources. He provided lots of timely and updated GSR information and tips for success, including the recent Conference Action to consider changes to the GSR pamphlet. The participation and questions from attendees illustrated the importance of having Dan provide this service to Area 53.


Bill Y. led an interactive and stimulating work session about Safety In AA. Attendees broke into three workgroups and had an opportunity to use their critical thinking skills. Each workgroup discussed and developed suggestions that other groups and meetings can use for understanding safety, taking a group safety inventory, and how to be responsible when a safety issue arises.


An impromptu “Lunch & Learn” sharing session happened during a delicious lunch of fried chicken, side dishes and desserts,

Erica C., the Franklin County Bridging The Gap Coordinator for the Area 53 Treatment Facilities Committee gave an overview of their mission and the need for AA members to become points of contact for people who leave treatment facilities.


Zach R., GSR for the North Group & a member of the Central Ohio Young People In AA (COYPAA) described upcoming events and what COYPAA strives to attain by staying focused on the primary purpose of AA.


The whole event was a tremendous success. Each attendee now has a better foundation to step up equally and care relentlessly. Without a doubt, everyone left this amazing learning experience with the thought that, “When we know better, we do better!


Thanks to all of the GSR’s, interested AA’s & Area 53 representatives who attended and contributed to the success!


In service,
Marcia H., DCM District 26, Taffy J., DCM District 28, & Martha C., DCM District 30

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