AA Meetings at Mini-Conference?

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

Absolutely! We will have speaker meetings on Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the ballroom, and a discussion on Saturday morning with you morning coffee.

Come join us on Saturday morning at 7:30am for the AA Early Bird Meeting chaired by Brenda B. The meeting format will be “dancing gents and single girls,” says Bill Y. We will be in the Scarlet Oak Room – grab a coffee from the Hospitality Room before you arrive.

Saturday evening at 7:00pm the Open Speaker Meeting is in the Ballroom featuring Tommy B., Delegate from Area 19 (Chicago). This is a special meeting you don’t want to miss! Coffee-o-plenty will be served outside the ballroom.

Sunday morning another Open Speaker Meeting will be held in the Ballroom at 8:00am . The speaker will be Calvin L. from Cleveland Ohio, Area 54.

Not enough AA meetings to meet your needs? We have an idea for “AA Meetups on Demand.” If you want to hold your own AA meeting during any times that committees are not meeting or the conference is not in session, send an email to with a suggested time. We will let you know what space is available for you to use.

In my continued sobriety, I recount why Dr. Bob’s story in the Big Book holds such simple truths. His story conveys that Unity (fellowship), Recovery (meetings) and Service (freely giving back so what we have been given) are our legacies. As Dr. Bob quotes, “I take out a little more insurance for myself against a possible slip.” (page 181, Big Book)

Brenda B.
Your Mini-Conference Team

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