Clark County DCM Wins AA Grapevine Subscription

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

DCM for District 12 Frank G. won a one-year subscription to the AA Grapevine for being an early registrant to the 2012 Area 53 Mini Conference to be held March 9-11 at Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center (near State Route 22 and I-77).

Frank’s gift subscription is the first of three one-year subscriptions to the AA Grapevine to be awarded to Mini-Conference registrants at the 2012 Area 53 Mini-Conference. Anyone who registers no later than March 1 will have a chance at the second one-year subscription drawing and the third winner will be selected at the Mini-Conference from the list of first-time Mini-Conference attendees.

On-line registration can be accomplished by clicking on the committee heading and dropping down to Mini-Conference, event registration. For mail-in registration print out the Area 53 Mini-Conference flyer on this page and send a completed form to Area 53 General Service, Attn: Mini-Conference Registration, PO Box 2131, Columbus, OH 43216. Watch the website for further updates when the 2nd winner gets selected. Register on line and you are immediately eligible for the 2nd AA Grapevine subscription to be given away.

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