Mini-Conference Health Update

Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by Area 53 Web Team

From your Chairman for the Mini Conference-Donna K.


Below is what was sent to me from Deer Creek, be assured they are taking every precaution for our Mini Conference at Deer Creek:


From Deer Creek Staff:


Here’s what the experts are telling us; extra cleaning, sanitization, and avoiding direct person-to-person contact can significantly reduce the spread of the disease. At this point, no one has been asked to shelter in place, so please go on living. We give you our assurance; we are doing everything possible to prevent the transmission of any disease while staying at Deer Creek. We have infectious disease protocols in place with each of the teams to ensure that all areas of every room and common space are being sanitized to the highest standard possible. We have instructed our cleaning staff to pay particularly close attention to areas with the highest potential for touch transmission. We have implemented additional hand sanitation stations in multiple areas throughout the hotel.  

You can take solace in the fact that we are both mindful of, and proactively working to curb your concerns so that you can have a safe and enjoyable stay with us. 


From Conference Chair Donna K.:


Some on the committee have talked and believe we are safe to continue with our Mini Conference this weekend. We will take every opportunity to be as cautious as can be. We will ask that everyone do their due diligence to help keep everyone safe. At the large meetings we will not be holding hands at the end for the prayers, we will stand in place. We will have hand sanitizers out on the tables and in the hospitality room.


Please come this weekend and have a wonderful time.

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