Mini-Conference Committee Report – Sep 13

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Our Mini-Conference committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm at Oakland Park United Methodist Church, 994 Oakland Park, Columbus Ohio.

Unfortunately five skilled committee members have rotated out we now have nine committee members. We do need some new faces and ideas. If you might be interested or like to ask some questions see any committee member. Sandy D. is our treasurer and also responsible for the registration and will need help at the registration table next March. I am overseeing the particulars of the Mini-Conference and will need help with that when we get closer to the Mini-Conference.

Presently we are engaged in discussion to make some changes. Our objective is that the conference exhibits a better experience be less stressful, and more enjoyable. We have not ironed out all the details yet, however we are making progress.

Some acomplishments as a committee we have made are:

  • The location of the 2016 Mini-Conference will be at Deer Creek Lodge, Mt Sterling.
  • Registration fees and meal prices will remain the same.
  • On-line registration is available as of today.
  • We have designed a new more current conference table top display.
  • Flyers are available to take to your groups.
  • We passed to have 2017&2018 Mini-Conference at Salt Fork State Park.

More to be revealed,
Frank G., Mini-Conference Chair

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