Mini-Conference Saturday Evening Speaker

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Speaker Bio:

“I have been sober since March 28 1981. From the beginning I have been fortunate enough to fall in with a group of people that stayed active with sober activities. It wasn’t until later that I was able to identify these as “SERVICE”. My friends realized that keeping me busy was better than me thinking. That is still true to this day. I have held service positions at the group, district and area level. The last 9 years I have stayed busy with the Corrections Committee bringing meeting into; jails, prisons, halfway houses and men’s work release centers. I have had the pleasure to serve Area 19, Chicago and suburbs, as Alternate Delegate and I am currently in my 2nd and final year as Delegate to the General Service Conference. AA got me Sober but “SERVICE” work has saved my life. I remain forever grateful.”

Tommy B.
Panel 65 Area 19 Delegate
Report and Charter Conference Committee

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