Ten Days to Go

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

Ten Days To GoIn 10 days, the 2016 Area 53 Mini-Conference opening session will start. Important Reminder: Conference committees meetings start at 8:00pm on Friday evening. In past years, the first committee meetings were Saturday morning and some attendees might have waited to show up Saturday to do their committee work. The full conference to discuss and take actions on all committee agenda items starts Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm.

Our 2016 conference committees are: Cooperation with Professional Community, Public Information, Reports & Charter, Corrections/Special Needs/International, and Literature 1/Literature 2. To review the conference committee agendas, visit the Mini-Conference page and click on the Topics tab.

Our latest registration count is about 70 people – thanks to all who are planning to show up and do the work and have your voice heard.

Your Mini-Conference Team

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