What He Said About the Mini-Conference

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Testimonial about the Area 53 2015 Mini-Conference:

“At the Area 53 Mini-Conference in 2015 I began to experience and learn how A.A. as a whole is able to reach its collective group conscience. I had the good fortune of participating on the Area 53 Mini-Conference Finance Committee, where as a group we reviewed and discussed specific topics that were scheduled to be taken up at the A.A. General Service Conference just a few weeks later. By reporting out the results of our Committee’s discussion, we were all part of building the bridge of communication from the individual A.A. member in our Area to the General Service Conference in New York.”

–Dan S.

To read more comments from 2015 attendees, visit the Area Mini-Conference Committee Page and click on the tab “What They Said…”

Your Mini-Conference Team

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