Archives Committee Members Wanted | November 2020

Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by Technical Advisor

Service Opportunity – Archives Committee Members Wanted 

Archives provide an opportunity for A. A. members to actively share in our history. In all of its actions the archives committee needs to be mindful of and guided by A.A.’s primary purpose. 


This Committee is responsible for establishing policies, budgets and procedures. One of the most important functions of the committee is to establish creative parameters for the selection of material to be collected. The primary purpose of those involved in archives work is to collect and preserve the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. This involves sharing A.A.’s rich and meaningful heritage.


The Committee is looking for members who have a thorough understanding of A. A.’s three legacies: Recovery, Service, and Unity.


A.A. Groups can elect a representative to participate with the Area 53 Archives Committee by attending meetings with other representatives. The Archives representative will keep the group well informed about the Archives Committee service opportunities and goals.


We need folks who want to create presentations, portable exhibits, digitizing analog recordings to digital media, conduct interviews, scanning and other archives-related tasks.


Area 53 is looking to fill the position of Area Archivist. If you are interested, contact Teri G., Area 53 Archives Committee Chair at  or (614) 432-5437.

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