Area 53 Active Groups List Updated

Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Technical Advisor

The list of active groups in Area 53 has been updated as of April 29, 2017. You can search the 744 groups on the Groups & GSRS page. For each group, data includes the group service number, group name, GSR name, alternate GSR name, mail contact name, meeting location and city, and the last date the group contacts were updated. (** As of September 2021, the group service number has been deprecated and replaced with the group ID number. The GSR, alternate GSR and mail contact names are no longer displayed.)

When you visit the page and enter “197” in the search box, you will see a list of groups in Area 53 that had contacts last updated in the 1970’s. There are over 100 groups in Area 53 that were last updated sometime before 2000 – over 17 years ago.

Each active district has a list of active groups on the district page. The list of districts and their meetings is on the Districts page. You can also find the list of active groups on the online contributions page.

Nita S., Area 53 Registrar, Panel 67
Bill Y., Area 53 Acting Web Administrator

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