Area 53 Groups List Updated – May 26

The list of Area 53 groups on the website has been updated as of May 26, 2017. You can search the groups on the Groups & GSRs page. You can find the list of area groups on the online contributions page.

Each group’s data includes:

    • general service group number (a six digit number assigned by GSO)
    • group name (“(p)” after name indicates a jail or prison group)
    • primary group contact with service position if any
    • second group contact with service position if any
    • name of meeting location and city
    • date the group information was last updated

Districts have a list of groups on their district page. Districts and their monthly meetings (if any) are on the Districts page.

Nita S., Area 53 Registrar, Panel 67
Bill Y., Area 53 Web Administrator (acting)

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