Area Sharing Session September 13th

Members of Area 53 – I receive a monthly invite (see email below) to attend a Sharing Session that is provided for all the Areas in the US and Canada. I would like to share the information with you and invite you to attend via Zoom if you are so inclined. 


Thank you for your service, 


Marcia H. , Chair
Area 53 / Panel 73
Central & Southeast Ohio 


Phone:  614-589-1788 


Greetings -  

This is your friendly reminder that this coming Wednesday September 13th is our next Area Service Sharing Session in a virtual environment always the second Wednesday of every month.  

Our topic this month is: The Grapevine & The Future of Our Multimedia Company.  

Wednesday Sept 13th - 7pm ET/ 6pm CT/ 5pm MT / 4pm PT  

Zoom Meeting ID: 830 9835 0573 Passcode AreaShare 


All are invited to participate.  

Feel free to pass on to others including Alternate Roles and those new to Service Work.  

Audio Recording and documents shared will be sent out after the session to those on our email distribution list.  


The Grapevine & The Future of Our Multimedia Company 

1.     Chris C. Grapevine Publisher 

2.     Paz P. General Service Trustee, Chair of Grapevine, Inc. Board 

3.     Hugh H. A59 Eastern Pennsylvania, Three Legacies Group 

4.     Debra L. A09 Mid-Southern California, Grapevine Chair 

5.     Jeff B. A44 Northern New Jersey, Interim Chair OIAA GV/LV Committee 


To learn more about The Grapevine and LaViña newest app visit: 


 Next Session: October 11th - Navigating Choppy Waters in A.A. Service Work 

- 7pm ET/ 6pm CT/ 5pm MT / 4pm PT Zoom Meeting ID: 830 9835 0573 Passcode AreaShare 

 Future Topics: Women in A.A. – December 13th, The History of The Book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Variations on Area Service, To be Delegate or not to be Delegate that is the question 


Suggestions for future topics; please email –  

Are you looking to take some insurance out in your sobriety? Join the team that hosts the monthly Area Service Sharing Session. Contact me directly for more details.  


Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday -  

Monica F 



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