Group Information Updates January 1, 2024

The Area 53 website has been updated to reflect the most recent
listing of active groups within Area 53, Central and Southeastern
Ohio as of January 1, 2024. Group data is available on each district
page, as well as on the contributions page. Please review the groups
listed for your district or community. If groups are listed which you
know have closed, please inform the Area Registrar at

The accuracy of this information depends on GSR and DCM efforts to
submit changes. A Group Information Change Form is used to report
any of the following:
1. Group elects a new GSR, Alt-GSR or Mail Contact
2. Changes meeting location,
3. Stops Meeting.
Once completed, please send the document as an email attachment
to . There is no need to send it to GSO.
One of the great benefits of Fellowship Connection is this rapid and
ongoing exchange of accurate group information and
communications that connect us. The goal is to facilitate data
stewardship in Area 53. Of course, this is to help us effectively meet
our great responsibility : “When anyone, anywhere reaches out for
help, we want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And, for that: We
are responsible!”
Chris J.
Area 53 Registrar, Panel 73

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