Reflections on Service Work…

Janet K., GSR – Saturday Afternoon Live Group

I believe service work to be the best “unkept” secret of AA. On all levels it teaches me so much of what I require to have quality sobriety, humility, humanness, tolerance, love, understanding, patience and the true desire to do good and help others. Something miraculous happens in service work that cannot be explained. The rewards of giving time, energy, effort and sometimes finances are really surprising and spiritual. I believe this is why they say “when all else fails, work with another alcoholic!” Service
work is the special sauce!


Cynthia S., GSR – Northeast Discussion Group
When my home group elected me to be the GSR, I had no idea what that would entail. I was a little nervous and apprehensive to do this, but I was, and still am, willing to do anything that I am asked to do in AA.
I can say it has strengthened my relationship with AA overall, my sobriety, and the personal connections I have made with other members. It is very fulfilling to know I am giving back to the program that has helped me and so many others. It has been an honor to contribute to the community - it may feel small, but any involvement can have a significant impact. I would encourage others who have the opportunity to do so to get involved with service work.

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