Reflections on the 67th Annual Ohio State Convention 

“A.A. – The School of Life…We Never Graduate” 


The 67th Annual Ohio State Convention was held August 11th – 13th in Fairborn, Ohio and was hosted by Area 56, Southwest Ohio. The focus of the convention was “A.A. – The School of Life…We Never Graduate.” Area 56 decorated to create the ambience of a school with milk cartons showing a QR code that provided information about the convention, paper apples adorned the rooms and many of the ID badges displayed various school related titles such as Gym Teacher, Principal, Custodian, etc. 

We are pleased to report that Area 53 was very well represented on the program for the weekend! Tamara M., GSR for District 26 was on the first panel for the weekend, Friday evening and spoke on the topic “Spot, Admit, Correct” which focused on learning daily to spot, admit, and correct flaws in the essence of character building and good living. 

Area 53 Delegate, Ed A. chaired the Friday evening ceremony and introduced Trish L. Vancouver, BC, Past Trustee at Large (Canada). Trish spoke on her travels to different countries as the Trustee at Large and provided many interesting facts such as how some of the 7th Tradition money sent to the GSO is used to help spread the A.A. message to other countries. 

On Saturday morning, Joel K., Area 53 Alternate Delegate read the “A.A.’s Legacy of Service” from the A.A. Service Manual by Bill W. page S1. Malcolm C., Area 53 Treasurer participated on a panel titled “Old Dogs, New Tricks.” The focus of this panel was that our learning never ends and “I have become a pupil of the A.A. movement rather than the teacher I thought I once was.” Teri G. Area 53 Archives Chair sat on the panel “Spiritual Kindergarten” that discussed how we are only operating a spiritual kindergarten in which people are enabled to get over drinking and find the grace to go on living to better effect. Each man’s theology has to be his own quest, his own affair. 

Saturday afternoon found Jean S., Area 53 Past Delegate on a panel called “Communication Challenges in A.A.” This panel focused on making the A.A. message accessible to underserved and remote communities and discussed how many A.A. members live in communities that are difficult to reach because of geography, language, or culture. Bill F., Area 53 Past Delegate and Past ECR Trustee sat on the panel for “Learning About General Service.” This panel provided for an interactive conversation on the A.A. Service Manual, Appendix A., page 91 where Bill W. wrote on “A.A.’s Legacy of Service” and how the fellowship was ready for responsibility.  

Saturday evening was filled with a delicious banquet, a lively sobriety countdown led by OYPAA. Donna K., Area 53 Past Delegate read the “Traditions Took Persuasion” from the A.A. Service Manual, page 97. We heard a moving lead by Cynthia B. from Milford, Michigan and afterwards, we immensely enjoyed an ice cream social, karaoke and a dance.  

The convention closed on Sunday after another wonderful lead, a general Sharing Session/Ask-it-Basket and closing remarks. The memories of the weekend will last a lifetime and we encourage you to “Save the Date” for the 68th Ohio State Convention which will be hosted by Area 54, Northeast Ohio from August 23rd – 25th, 2024. There will be Speakers, Workshops, Panels, Fellowship, Reports from Trustees, and all Areas will be sharing about A.A. and more! Hope to see you there! 

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