TFC Meeting Recap

In case you missed what happened at our last meeting, our hard working secretary Hannah recorded what went on. Attached are our minutes.
Brief Overview:
If you are a GTR or want to become a GTR for your Home Group then please contact our Committee Treasurers Kristey W. (614-203-4602) and/or Erin K. (614-707-3444) to learn how you can get set up to do so. This is an appointed position at your individual home groups used in service to collect funds to help alcoholics in treatment facilities receive literature. All money used to buy Literature observes the 7th Tradition of Alcoholics anonymous.
TFC march to 54. This is the number of GTR's we need to supply literature to all the patients on a regular basis that we do service work with in our facilities. We currently have only 18.
If you are a Facility Coordinator and need literature, we now have Blue Books for you to hand out or use at your Facility Meetings. Please contact your Regional Facility Coordinator to acquire them. We also have a program you are not utilizing for your people that helps the newcomer called Bridging the Gap. See attached. Our BTG Program connects patients in treatment to their first meeting, first sponsor, first ride and first contact on their release date! We need all Facility Coordinators to get on board with this for the newcomer. These attached cards are also available from your Regional Facility Coordinators. Who is your RFC? See attached. 
Regional Facility Coordinators
Kate G. 614-638-4488
Deborah P. 614-296-8733
Jason S.
Treatment Facility Committee
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