TFC Meeting This Saturday

Come one! Come All!
Tell people at your Home Group during the announcements portion and bring a friend to COGF, 651 W Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 at 12PM for all the Action! 
GTR! GTR! GTR!......What is a GTR you may ask? GROUP TREATMENT REPRESENTATIVEWhat do they do you may ask? It's an appointed position at your individual home groups used in service to collect funds to help alcoholics in treatment facilities receive literature. All money used to buy Literature observes the 7th Tradition of Alcoholics anonymous. 
Does your Home Group have a GTR? If not and you would like to help the Treatment Facility Committee then please contact our Committee Treasurers Kristey W. (614-203-4602) and/or Erin K. (614-707-3444) to learn how you can get set up to do so. Help us carry the message to the next sick and suffering with the very book that helped you get to where you're at. 
Below and attached are the Individual Facility opportunities or needs that we need people to go into and work their 12th step by carrying the message into Treatment. Contact our Regional Facility Coordinators on the Area Map to get plugged in. 
Map Key (All numbers correspond with PDFs)
4. Whitelight Behavioral Health- Needs 2 Meeting Sponsors
5. Dublin Springs- Needs 3 Meeting Sponsors
16. Seacrest Recovery- Needs 3 Meeting Sponsors
20. Marion General Hospital -  Needs 1 Facility Coordinator and 3 Meeting Sponsors. Located in Marion County.
21. Maryhaven Women's Facility - Needs 1 Meeting Sponsor
24. Columbus Springs - Needs 3 Meeting Sponsors
25A. Maryhaven Men's Residential- Needs a Facility Coordinator and 1 Meeting Sponsor
25B. Maryhaven East WIng Needs 3 Meeting Sponsors
26. Maryhaven Men and Women Detox - Needs a Facility Coordinator and 1 Meeting Sponsor
Jason S.
Treatment Facility Committee
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