The Treatment Facilities Committee Needs the Help of Area 53 AA Members!

We need GTR’s! You may ask, what is a GTR? A GTR is a Group Treatment
Representative. What does a GTR do? It is an elected service position of your home group that informs those who attend the meeting about what the Treatment Facilities Committee is and the services the committee provides. Additionally, the GTR provides a container at the meeting to collect funds to purchase literature for alcoholics in treatment facilities. All the money collected is used to purchase literature and the Treatment Facilities Committee observes the 7th Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Does your home group have a GTR? If not and you would like to be a part of theTreatment Facilities Committee, please contact our Treasurer, Kristey W. (614-203-4602) and/or Erin K. (614-707-3444) to learn how you can be of service.
Help us carry the message to the next sick and suffering alcoholic with the literature that helped you get to where you are.


Jason S, Chair Treatment Facility Committee Chair

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