Treatment Facilities Service Positions

Anyone want to take their service work to the next level? The Treatment Facility Committee is now accepting volunteers for the following positions! Anyone who wants to step up will not have to do this position completely on their own as we have support people in place to assist you with your new service position. Please reply to this email if you're interested in getting involved with the TFC!
Co-Regional Facility Coordinator 
A person responsible for the oversight and communication to all Facility Coordinators in their designated region. This person is responsible for communication between Facility Coordinators and the Area 53 Treatment Committee.
Term: Two years Qualifications: It is suggested that the Regional Facility Coordinator have three years of current and continuous sobriety
  • Is directly responsible to the Treatment Facilities Committee for all Facility Coordinators in their designated region.
  • Ensures all facilities in their region are being served appropriately.
  • Engages new facilities in their designated region. Conducts needs assessments and delegates each facility to a Facility Coordinator
  • Assists in maintenance and upkeep of Volunteer List for each Facility Coordinator.
  • Serves as a main point of contact for Facility Coordinators. Reports to Area 53 Treatment Facilities Committee on status of Facility Coordinator openings, Meeting Sponsor openings, and other updates as necessary.
Co-Information Coordinator 
Responsible for communicating with all DCMs in our Area regarding the Committee. Relays activities of the Committee to DCMs to inform the members of their respective districts. May need to meet with districts in person, through digital means, or by phone/zoom. This person is chiefly responsible for raising awareness of the Committee among districts in Area 53. Term: Two years Qualifications: at least 1 year of continuous sobriety and completed the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Contact all DCMs in Area 53 to raise awareness of the TFC Communicates importance of the TFC to the district.
  • Arrange meetings with interested DCMs, attend district meetings, offer workshops for interested districts
Have a GOD Weekend!
Jason S.
Treatment Facility Committee
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