Speaker Lineup at the State Convention

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August 2, 2013 Friday Evening Speaker: Travis C.

Travis C., from Columbus, Ohio is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous in Central Ohio. Currently, he is the co-secretary of the Upper Room Group and co-founder of the Grant Us the Laughter Group. Travis is currently the Programming Chair for the Ohio Young People in Alcoholic Anonymous (OYPAA) 2013 Conference in Columbus, Ohio and is very involved with other younger members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Travis is a computer programmer in his professional life and always enjoys nerdy, technical discussions. Very energetic and enthusiastic, Travis will tell his story of getting sober at the age of 22 on a college campus.

August 3, 2013 Saturday Morning Speaker: Tracey O.

Tracey O. joined the GSO staff August 15, 2011, and is currently serving on the Corrections Desk. Professionally, Tracey has a journalism background. Active in Area 49, Southeast New York, Tracey’s A.A. involvement included serving as the Area newsletter editor and chairing the Agenda Committee.

August 3, 2013 Saturday Afternoon Speaker: Sandy F.

Sandy began her Al-Anon service journey in Vincent, Ohio dusting chairs before meetings. She says she learned how “it” works during those moments working with home group members getting ready for meetings. She is a Past Delegate for Ohio Area and is currently serving as the Area Chairman. Recently, Sandy was a speaker during a workshop at the 2013 Al-Anon International Convention in Vancouver, BC.

Sandy says each service position has been an unbelievable adventure in her recovery journey and encourages all members to get involved in service.

August 3, 2013 Saturday Evening Speaker: Jack W.

Jack W. has been involved in AA service in Michigan since the early 1970s. He is a past East Central Regional Trustee (1985-1989) and a past delegate from Michigan. He served as the Chairman of the Grapevine Board in 1987.

To quote Jack’s report from the 2009 East Central Regional Forum, “I’m an alcoholic and I’m a service junkie. I’m wired and I’m ready. And I hope all of you are likewise, because your first job as you leave here is to find your successor. That’s how we rotate.” One of Jack’s favorite reminders to all is what Dr. Bob said: “You know, this whole thing boils down to two things: Love and service. And service is simply love with its work clothes on. So let’s go out and pass this thing on.”

August 4, 2013 Sunday Morning Speaker: Angie P.

Angie P., from Cincinnati, Ohio, will speak on Sunday at 10:30am. This is sure to be an inspirational message as Angie tells of her journey from the highs of being a Las Vegas lounge singer sharing the stage with some of the best known artists in show business, to the lows of being a homeless junkie rejected by even the dregs of society.

Angie has previously spoken at the Opening Big Meeting for the 2005 AA International Conference in Toronto and at the 2008 Founders Day. Some of Angie’s audio leads are available for listening on the Internet. But, you really wont get the full effect until you have seen her in person.

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