Area 53 Assembly

ARTICLE IV - Meetings of the Area 53 Assembly
  1. The full Area 53 Assembly will meet as follows:
    1. In March on the second Sunday
    2. In June on the first Sunday
    3. In September on the second Sunday
    4. In December on the second Sunday
  2. The Assemblies shall be held in a convenient location and may be moved from community to community within Area 53.

Next Area 53 Assembly
March 11, 2018 at Salt Fork Conference Center, Lore City Ohio 43755, 12:30pm registration.

March AgendaDecember MinutesInventory QuestionsReports & HandoutsLocation
Not yet available.
Not yet available.
Inventory questions are not planned for this assembly.
Click to view and print. Most materials will be available at the assembly.

No reports are available at this time.

Registration begins at 12:30pm; assembly starts at 1:00pm.
Salt Fork Conference Center
14755 Cadiz Road
Lore City OH 43755

Past Assemblies (click here)