Area 53 Assembly

Next Assembly – December 9, 2018 at Holiday Inn in Hilliard Ohio

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PROPOSAL – Young People

Guideline Change – Assembly Calendar

Registration begins at 9:30am; assembly starts at 10:00am.
Holiday Inn Hilliard
5495 Maxwell Place
Columbus Ohio 43228
ARTICLE II – Purpose of the Area 53 Assembly

  1. To support the General Service Conference and its members in their roles as provider of A.A. World Services and as guardian of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
  2. To elect, and support, a Delegate to the General Service Conference.
  3. To provide communication and encourage unity within Area 53.
  4. To assist in the development and communication of an informed group conscience.
ARTICLE IV – Meetings of the Area 53 Assembly

  1. The full Area 53 Assembly will meet as follows:
    1. In March on the second Sunday
    2. In June on the first Sunday
    3. In September on the second Sunday
    4. In December on the second Sunday
  2. The Assemblies shall be held in a convenient location and may be moved from community to community within Area 53.

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