Area 53 Panel 65 Officers

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

With the Panel 67 elections coming up next Sunday (September 11), it is good to know those who have been your trusted servants for for the past 20 months as members of Panel 65. Be sure to show up, consider standing for an area office, and voting. Those eligible to vote at area assemblies include: GSRs , DCMs, the DCMC, Standing Committee Chairs, Area Officers and their Alternates, and Past Delegates. Alternates may vote in place of an absent GSR, DCM, DCMC, or Standing Committee Chair.

These people were elected in September 2014:

Kristi H., Delegate ()
Frank G., Alternate Delegate

Peggy A., Chair ()
Dan H., Alternate Chair

Dan S., Treasurer ()
Sandy D., Alternate Treasurer

Barbi S., Secretary ()
Matt P., Alternate Secretary

Ed A., Registrar ()
Nita S., Alternate Registrar
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