Area 53 Archivist Position – Filled!

Hi, I am excited to announce that Frank G. is now the Archivist for Area 53.  The Area Archives Committee met Saturday and voted Frank into the position.  I am very happy to have Frank join our efforts. Frank is a past delegate and currently hosts a meeting on zoom.   I will have more information … Read more

Proposed Guideline Change – Archives Committee

This revision clarifies the roles of the Archives Committee and the Area 53 Archivist, and it updates the language to be consistent with the language of the Archives Manual of A. A.’s General Service Office.   This guideline change will be discussed at the June 2021 assembly.   <Download Proposed Guideline Change>

Area 53 Archivist Position Available

The Archivist will work to support A. A.’s primary purpose of maintaining our sobriety and helping other alcoholics achieve recovery. The Archivist along with the Area 53 Archives Committee will determine what to include in the collection and making the collected material available to the greatest extent possible to members of our Fellowship and those … Read more

Archives Committee Zoom Meeting Cancelled | August 22, 2020

**CANCELLED** Archives Committee Zoom Meeting **CANCELLED** August 22 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am EDT The Archives Committee collects, organizes, preserves, stores, and displays records of A.A. History. The Committee chooses the Area Archivist, a member who serves in a non-rotating position, who is responsible for assuring the physical integrity of Area 53’s collection. If you wish to … Read more

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