Eat and Learn with the Delegate – Mt. Vernon – June 30

June 30 will be the Saturday to drive to beautiful Knox County to the Parish House, 100 E High Street in Mt Vernon to enjoy lunch at 12:30p the hear our delegate, Frank G., share. Frank will share his service history and what he learned during April at the 68th General Service Conference.

Please come join us… For more info contact Kasie A. at 614.832.2088.

District 4 Christmas & New Year Alcathon

Title: District 4 Christmas & New Year Alcathon Location: St Paul’s Parish House, Mt Vernon OH [View Map] Description: District 4 is sponsoring a Christmas (10am 12/23 until 1pm 12/26) and New Year (10am 12/31 until 1pm 1/2/2010) Alcathon. There will be food, fellowship, lead meetings and card games. Make your holidays safe, sober and … Read more District 4 Christmas & New Year Alcathon

Sponsorship Workshop

Title: Sponsorship Workshop Location: St Paul Parish House, 100 East High Street, Mt Vernon, OH [View Map] Description: Learn and share about sponsorship. Participating panelists will be sharing their experience, strength, and hope on selected questions. [View Flyer] Date: 10-03-2009 Start Time: 12:30pm (Lunch provided) End Time: 3:00pm

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