Correctional Facilities Committee Report – Mar 12, 2017

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March 12, 2017

Quarterly Meeting March 4

  • All positions now filled (14)
  • Received donations $7142 Appropriated $7000 for literature.
  • 2016 Total Literature Purchased $24558.40
  • All groups are invited to participate in Area 53 CFC through a Group Institutional Representative. Forms Available.

Workshop 2017 โ€“ Planning on track

  • Date and Time: April 22, 2017, 8am โ€“ 2:45pm
  • Location: Maple Grove United Methodist Church
    7 West Henderson Rd., Columbus, OH 43214
  • Agenda developed; Highlights include speaker from London Correctional. Warden to speak on professional panel. Also a GIR School!

Difficulty with Area 53 Website and Area 53 page in Conscious Contact

  • Attempted to post CFC Meeting Schedule and Workshop Info on Area 53 page of Conscious Contact.
  • Apparently these items do not meet current criteria for publication. I am told that this was a decision of the Area Committee so intend to raise the issue at the next meeting.
  • In the process of trying to find Officer responsible for Area 53 page in Conscious Contact, I was frustrated by the limitations inherent in the website. All efforts to reach officers through website are essentially e-mails. Since I was working near a deadline, this obstacle to direct communication created lots of stress.

Chris J., Chair Area 53 CFC

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