CPC-PI Meeting Dec 4

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

Greetings all!

The last meeting of Panel 65 is coming up this Sunday. New committee member folders will be available. Many thanks to the efforts of individuals, groups, and districts in Area 53 that contributed to the visibility, accessibility, and availability of the fellowship to those who request information about it.

The Agenda:
Opening and Welcome
Treasurers Report
Candidates for Trusted Servant Positions
Report on Recent Activities
Anticipated events 2017
Rotation Report

I would encourage any interested souls to suit up and show up, especially needed are those skilled in communications, one on one, as well as in technical format. I am here in a spirit of cooperation and through unity by following and studying the traditions and concepts. Harmony can be attained in this diverse fellowship. I am privileged to have served.

Follow your curiosity, it’s a wonderful adventure.

In Love and Service,
Cheryl S

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