Delegate Report – October 1, 2021

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I wanted to share some information I have received from GSO over the last week.


I have received the “The Conference Final Report for 2021” in booklet form. I will be going around to meetings to give them to groups, but I can not attend all groups in Area 53 in a timely manner.  Please email me if you would like some copies of the report and I will either deliver them or mail them to your group, my email is .


I am always available to give a report from my conference experience to your group, district, or committee.


Area 53 is the host for the 2022 Ohio State Convention, if your group or district would like to work on the committee it meets on the 4th Monday, 7:30 at COGF 651 W. Broad St Columbus, Oh 43215.


Below you can see that AAWA has been working on the passed agenda items from the conference.


Announcing: Revised and New Items of A.A.W.S. Literature New items



·         “Experience Has Taught Us: An Introduction to Our Twelve Traditions”
Available online now on and in print on our webstore in English (P-91), French (FP-91) and Spanish (SP-91)



·         “Hispanic Women in A.A.”
Available online now on and in print on our webstore in English (P-90) and Spanish (SP-90)
– French edition (FP-90) available online and in print December 2021



Revised and Retitled Item



·         “Faith Leaders Ask About A.A.” (formerly titled “Members of the Clergy Ask About Alcoholics Anonymous”)
Available now online on and in print in English (P-25), French (FP-25), and Spanish (SP-25)



Revised items now available:


A.A. Preamble

·         Preamble Placard (M-10)

·         Set of Placards (Preamble, Unity, Responsibility) (M-11)

·         Wallet Card in English (M-2), French (FM-2), and Spanish (SM-2)



Revised and Reformatted Items


Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions 12 x 12s now available in English and Spanish

  • – Softcover English (B-15)
    – Large Print English (B-14)
    – Gift edition English (B-4)
    – Large Print Spanish (SB-14)

     Coming soon:

       – Hardcover English (B-2)
– Pocket Edition English (B-17)


     Coming in 2022:

– Other revised and reformatted 12 x 12s in English, French, and Spanish — as reprints are needed


Also. . . Coming soon!


Print and online editions available November 2021

·         A.A. Service Manual, 2021-2023 Combined with the Twelve Concepts for World Service [newly updated, revised and redesigned]
In English (BM-31), French (FBM-31), and Spanish (SBM-31)


Upcoming Event: East Central Regional Forum November 19-21, 2021


·         PURPOSE: Regional Forums are hosted by the A.A. General Service Board and “open” to all A.A. members or to anyone interested in A.A.



·         Regional Forums are designed to enhance communication and participation between A.A. members, the General Service Board, and staff and directors from the General Service Office and AA Grapevine. The East Central Regional Forum offers a virtual meeting place to ask questions and spark new ideas to help carry the A.A. message of hope to the still-suffering alcoholic.


·         The event will be virtual, once I receive a flyer for registration, I will post it on our website. Forums are a great way to talk and ask questions of our GSO staff and Trustees.


In Love and Service,

Donna K.

Area 53 Panel 71 Delegate

Central & Southeast Ohio


PDF Copy of October 2021 Delegate Report


PDF Copy of East Central Regional Forum – FLYER


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