Delegate's Report on Sep 14, 2014

Delegate’s Report
September 14, 2014

Thanks to Central and SE Ohio AA groups and to the general service assembly for the trust you placed in me to represent and serve you these past two years.

The following is the significant activities and information I feel groups should be informed of as regards carrying the message in Central and SE Ohio, in our state, our region and AA as a whole.

In July and August more than 600 randomly selected groups in the US and Canada participated in an in an AA membership survey. Central and SE Ohio groups numbering seven (7) joined in the survey too. The information collected will be included in the 2014 AA membership pamphlet, P-48, which should be produced next year. This pamphlet is used to inform the general public, the media and professionals who clients possibly are alcoholic. Information collected includes average age of members, average sobriety time, members occupations, marital status, number of meetings AAs attend and average size of AA meetings, etc.

The groups participating were New Life Direction, Zanesville; Sunday Variety, Marietta; SOA, Springfield; Rush Hour Recovery, Reynoldsburg; and, in Columbus, Open Door, Real Recovery Women’s, and Roundtable Discussion. Thanks for the support from COGF, AOIO, District 12, District 7, District 15 and the Area 53 trusted servants — especially the trusted servants in the AA groups.

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AA General Service Board Report

From Area 53 Delegate Dave C.

REPORT from the General Service Office

The AA World Services Board met on Friday, June 13, 2014, at the General Service Office in New York, NY. Newly-elected Chair of the AAWS Board, Billy N. opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance, including new director Beau B. and new trustee director Chet P., Southeast Regional Trustee, and Joe D., newly-elected trustee director.

Manager’s Report
General Manager Phyllis H., extended appreciation to Mary C., the Conference Coordinator, and Nay W., her assistant, for their hard work in organizing the 64th General Service Conference. Phyllis also thanked the entire GSO Staff for the wonderful support that is the foundation of a well-run Conference. Responding to a number of requests, a new feature, “Recurring Contributions” was introduced in April to the Contribution Online portal of our website.

Then on June 2, we celebrated the successful launch of our newly redesigned website and the accompanying mobile site. On June 10, GSO joined in gratitude for AA’s 79th Anniversary, sharing our history and giving special recognition to our “Big Book” which marked its 75th year in April.

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Info on 2015 International Convention of AA

Delegates Report 2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous

There is important information about A.A.’s 2015 International Convention in Atlanta now spelled out in the summer edition of GSO newsletter BOX 4-5-9. Go to the world service website of AA. An exact quote from the report reads as follows:

Registration forms for the 2015 International Convention, in Atlanta, Georgia, July 2-5, will be mailed around the world in August. You can get your form from your GSR, your area structure, your local intergroup/central office, from your GSO, and, of course, on GSO’s website, You may also register online starting September 3.

Registration is $100 if paid before May 12 2015. Your registration badge entitles you to attend all Convention events, including the Thursday night Party in the Park, the Stadium meetings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Georgia Dome, and all of the marathons, panels, workshops, and topic, special interest and other meetings at the Georgia World Congress Center and nearby hotels.

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Delegates Report 64th General Service Conference

From Your Delegate:

Here is the written Conference Report given at the June 1 Assembly. Please be aware I have a ‘slide show’ to accompany the report. I cannot send it out because full names and faces are included.

Delegate’s Report 64th General Service Conference Alcoholics Anonymous

Area 53 Assembly – June 1, 2014

To the Assembly and to all the groups in central and southeastern Ohio thank you for your trust in me. It is my belief that everything we do in general service or AA as a whole has a primary purpose of reaching out to the suffering alcoholic. The primary goal is to help make more and better 12-step work possible. Bill W. wrote “We must carry the message else we ourselves can wither and those who haven’t been given the truth may die.”

It is my hope the General Service Conference (GSC) and AA as a whole continue to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic where ever alcoholics reach out for help. If you wonder how the General Service Conference, an AA group, district, or Area 53 event or activity is carrying the message, please ask me and I will try to explain. The GSC was held in Rye Town, NY, April 27 – May 3. There were 34 conference advisory actions that received 2/3 vote of the 133 voting members of the Conference. The following is a summary.

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Delegate Report March 9 2014

Delegates Report
March 9, 2014 – Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center

It has been a privilege to serve as your Panel 63 (2014-15), Area53 Delegate and share with you my activities (in the past three months) as I tried to carry the message per Chapter Six in the AA Service Manual.

As Program Chair of this 2014 Mini Conference I have met monthly with the Area 53 Mini-Conference planning committee, met with Deer Creek State Park and Salt Fork State Park hotel officials to see that Mini Conference is well hosted this year and locked in through 2015 and 2016.

I have tried to keep the Area trusted servants and interested AAs informed about the efforts your General Service Office, AA Grapevine, and General Service Board are doing to reach out to the still suffering alcoholic. If you want to be included in my e-mail updates and the like please e-mail me at delegate(at)area 53aa(dot)org. Send me your name, telephone number and e-mail address and you will be included with all the Central and Southeastern Ohio trusted servants and interested AAs.

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Report from Delegate Chair Weekend in NYC

I was honored to represent Area 53 Central and Southeastern Ohio in New York at the January 31 – February 3 General Service Board (GSB) Weekend. As you know I will represent the feelings of AAs in Area 53 at the 64th General Service Conference (GSC) where AA decides how to best carry the message as a whole.

I was chosen at the 63rd General Service Conference(GSC) to be the Delegate Chair for this year’s GSC Committee on Cooperation with the Professional Community(CPC). That meant I would be a guest of the General Service Board (GSB) and the General Service Office(GSO) the weekend of January 31 – February 3, 2014.

That weekend was a combination orientation to the chair’s role and a weekend of sharing and learning more about our AA yearly Conference to be held April 27 – May 3, 2014.

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Delegate's Report from General Service Conference

Report from the 63rd General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous

Theme: “The General Service Conference takes its Inventory – Our Solution in Action”
Dave C., Delegate Area 53, Central & SE Ohio

It was a honor to serve the groups of Central and SE Ohio as your delegate and participate in A.A.s General Service Conference in New York April 21-27, 2013.

This yearly Conference is where 133 A.A trusted servants decide what actions need to be taken on proposals that come from U.S. and Canada A.A. groups for the good of a whole.

If you attended the Area 53 Mini-Conference at Deer Creek in March you discussed and voted on a number of the proposals heard in New York. Area 53 was one of 93 areas that sent a delegate to the Conference to speak for A.A. as a whole.

There were 28 specific Conference advisory actions approved with substantial unanimity (at least 2/3) in New York. A list of them are included on the Area 53 website (

Please read them and send any questions you might have to delegate @ And, if your group wants to hear a full conference report please contact me at the delegate’s e-mail.

Conference advisory actions are specific directions to a group of trusted servants and service workers whose service job is to act for A.A. as a whole. I’m referring to the headquarters’ staff, the General Service Board (GSB) of Trustees and the corporate boards of directors for A.A. World Services, Inc. and A.A. Grapevine, Inc.

To find information on activities of a Conference read Chapter Seven page S55 in the A.A. Service Manual. Voting members of the Conference include, Ninety-three delegates elected by the service areas of the U.S. and Canada. Delegates always make up more than two-thirds of the voting members. General Service Board of Trustees and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S.) and Grapevine directors, total 25. And the General Service Office staff, general manager and Grapevine office staff and the Grapevine executive editor total 15. This year the number of eligible voters was only 131 due to two illness-related absences.

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