Delegate News – February 18, 2024

Last Updated on February 18, 2024 by Area Delegate

Good evening,

I have three items to share tonight:

  1. Finance Committee Snippets from the January Board Weekend in NYC
  2. Some of you had asked about a document circulated this past fall about “The Founders Writings.” This was not handled in the usual AA fashion. The Delegates heard at the same time as the rest of the fellowship & were not given any direction or background. We were just as confused as the rest of you. We will be having a sharing session on “The Founders’ Writings” at the 74th General Service Conference in April, and I welcome any feedback from our area to take with me,
  3. Last but certainly not least: The Final Agenda Items for the “74th Annual General Service Conference.” Have been released. Like last year, I welcome you to share among your groups & request background material on topics of interest. NOTE: Background is just starting to be released, and I will forward it as it becomes available.
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