District 10 Sponsorship Workshop (Apr 2015)

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Title: District 10 Sponsor Workshop
Date / Time: April 11, 2015 – 11am – 2pm
Location: Highpoint Nazarene Church, 795 Pollock Road, Delaware Ohio 43015

Do you have questions about sponsorship? Are you a sponsor who wants to improve your service? If yes, consider attending the District 10 Sponsorship Workshop. Panel Topics to be discussed include:

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  • Firm handling versus casual handling of newcomers?
  • Over dependent newcomers
  • Over protective sponsors
  • Working with families
  • Money issues
  • Handling slips & relapse
  • When to let go
  • Planned sponsorship within groups


…and more: ask-it-basket, questions & answers, District 10 news, and literature plus potluck food, fellowship and coffee. Questions? dcm10[at]area53aa[dot]org or Fred W (740-972-3107) or Debbie R (740-274-1185)

Flier: District 10 Sponsorship Workshop

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