CPC-PI Tip: Attraction vs. Promotion

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CPC-PI Tip: Attraction vs. Promotion

The issue of attraction versus promotion was discussed in the first paragraph of the “AA Exchange Bulletin” from September-October of 1963.

Carrying the message through a "third person" has become an accepted practice in A.A. From our former fears of "promotion" we have come to realize that it is part of our responsibility for the continued growth of our beloved Fellowship to see to it that accurate information about A.A. is made available to the nonalcoholic public, so that these "third persons" can help us in making A.A. known to the alcoholic who hasn’t yet heard about A.A.

You can read the entire bulletin here: http://www.aa.org/newsletters/en_US/en_box459_sept-oct63.pdf

Won’t you join us in carrying out this important mission?

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