2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference Program

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The program for the 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference on March 10-12 at Salt Fork State Park promises a full weekend of A.A. events. Registration is still open and room reservations are still available.

The activities kick off with two workshops at 4 pm on Friday.

GSR School: Dan S, our Group Services Committee Chair, will present an abbreviated version of the GSR School that we offer in various districts throughout Area 53. This workshop has proven to be useful to help GSRs better understand their role and ways that they might more effectively represent their groups.

Service Panel: Marcia H. District 26 DCM, will chair a panel entitled “Having had a spiritual awakening…” The panelists will share their service experience – how they came to General Service and how it has impacted the quality of their sobriety.

There will be “Early Bird” AA meetings at 7 am on both Saturday and Sunday. There will also be two leads. On Saturday night, Steve S., staff member at the General Service Office, will share his experience with us. And on Sunday morning, we will hear the story of the Area 55 Panel 66 Delegate, John C.

The Mini-Conference officially kicks off at 7 pm on Friday. Following the welcome and introductions, our Panel 67 Delegate, Frank G., will provide an orientation to the conference committee process. We will then break into our assigned committees for in-depth discussions of various agenda items to be considered at the April General Service Conference in New York. Click the link above to preview the committees and agenda items on the mini-conference homepage at area53aa.org.

The conference committee sessions will conclude Saturday about noon. After lunch, we will all meet together, as the full conference. The conference committee’s job is to decide which of the agenda items that they considered and discussed should be taken up by the full conference. Each committee will report on its proceedings and present any items that it recommends the full conference consider. The “Conference” will them discuss and vote on those items.

Saturday evening is the banquet followed by an open A.A. meeting. Steve S. will present a GSO Report, the four Ohio delegates will give their “area introduction” that they give at the April conference., and Steve S. will then share his story.

Activities conclude Sunday morning. There will be a recap of Saturday’s actions and John C. will give his lead. We will adjourn the 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference, and the area assembly registration will start about 9:30 am.

Stephen S., Panel 67 Mini-Conference Committee Chair

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