Ohio’s AA Voice in March 2017

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The voice of AA members in Ohio will be heard during the month of March 2017. Each of the four general service areas will be conducting their mini-conference so the four delegates will hear the Ohio group conscience on issues that matter.

What is the purpose of the Area 53 Mini-Conference?

The mini-conference is held to give the Area 53 Delegate the informed conscience of the groups in Central and Southeast Ohio on some of the agenda that will be addressed at the General Service Conference in New York. Groups can discuss possible issues and send their group’s conscience to the mini-conference via their GSR or other group representative. At the mini-conference, issues selected by the Area 53 Delegate are discussed by committees composed of AA’s from groups throughout the area. Using the committee system and voting procedures described in the AA Service Manual, a consensus is reached. This consensus will be taken to the General Service Conference by your delegate.

The mini-conference has displays and information by the Area 53 standing committees. There is a Saturday evening banquet followed by a speaker who is a staff member from the General Service Office. There are a variety of other ways for a GSR and interested AA’s to share with others who are committed to general service.

March 2017 Mini-Conferences

Area 55 in northwest Ohio will conduct their mini-conference on March 3-5 at the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg, Ohio. (flier)

Area 53’s mini-conference is March 10-12 at Salt Fork Conference Center in Lore City, Ohio. Immediately after the mini-conference close on Sunday, the Area 53 Assembly will start at 10:00am. (online registration)

Area 56 in southwest Ohio will hold their mini-conference on March 17-18 at the Dayton Marriott. (flier)

Area 54 in northeast Ohio will have their mini-conference on March 31 – April 2 at the Holiday Inn – Strongville. (flier)

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