Practice in Open Mindedness

Area 53 is exciting an fellowship with perspectives from all over Ohio and an opportunity in learning the values of AA as a whole.

For me the growth of open-mindedness was learned in deeper degrees especially in the exciting conference committee meetings on Friday evening and Saturday. At first, I had a definite opinion and then another member had a different point of view and still another member had comments on something not considered. I was challenged to make an effort to keep my mind open.

With that effort, I experience an awareness that others peoples’ informed viewpoints had great value. My outlook was adjusted to be more on principles and what is best for A A as a whole.

When I can carry the experience of the mini-conference (keep an open mind) in my personal affairs, my life becomes much more manageable.

It is not too late to register! It is not too late to have a voice that is delivered to the General Service Conference in New York with our Delegate, Kristi H. You can register online – just visit our Area 53 Mini-Conference webpage. If you have any questions or comments, I would be happy to talk to you. See you at beautiful Deer Creek on March 11th – 13th.

Frank G., Area 53 Mini-Conference Chair

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