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Testimonial about the Area 53 2015 Mini-Conference:

share-your-story-tag“From my very first AA meeting, I have felt the magic in the rooms- the spirit of carrying the message. My first Mini-Conference in 2005 I had just celebrated my first year anniversary. And at a time when I was experiencing a spiritual awaking, my exposure with a mass of seasoned AAers coming together for the future of AA only heightened my spiritual experience and compelled me more to becoming ‘I am responsible’.”

“The next year I went to my 2nd mini-conference and it was at Salt Fork. 6 of us shared a cabin and a bonding with my sponsor, service sponsor and fellow AAers began and a kinship developed- anchoring me to my homegroup and those friendships are today, family. A conference room full of strangers are now a room full of old friends I haven’t seen in forever. The excitement for me is very high. Coming up on my 11th mini-conference…I CAN’T WAIT!”

“My experience with attending the mini-conferences continues to open me up, more and more, to the splendor of AA. Not to mention being at a state park for the weekend is the perfect chance to recharge my batteries. The discussion panels make me feel like I am a part. The banquet makes me feel like a king. The hospitality room makes me feel down home. Lunch with friends is cherished and even spending time alone gratifies the soul.”

“The Area 53 Mini-Conference has added a level to my sobriety that I feel has been a stepping stone to service work and my commitment to AA. Making me ‘I am responsible’.”
-Billy K.

To read more comments from 2015 attendees, visit the Area Mini-Conference Committee Page and click on the tab “What They Said…”

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