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Last Updated on February 2, 2016 by Area 53 Web Team

“Why should I go to the mini-conference?”

First, all AA members are welcome at the mini conference. You don’t have to be a GSR or hold a service position to attend. In fact, it’s the average AA member that should attend.

The mini-conference provides an opportunity for all AA members to learn and share – to be heard and have their opinions count. Our Area 53 Delegate, Kristi H., will attend the General Service Conference in New York in April. This is when the 90 plus area delegates discuss and vote on current issues needing decisions for further action. Some of these same issues are the discussed at the mini-conference. The mini-conference attendees will convene Saturday afternoon to vote on each discussed item. This informs our delegate to confidently represent our area’s group conscience while in New York in April.

I believe a lot of members in our area would benefit from attending the area mini-conference to learn more about the AA conference procedures. We are quite blessed to have such a well planned event; not all areas across the United States hold a mini-conference.

So my message to you is: Don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice counted and relayed to General Service Conference through your elected delegate. Join us at the Area 53 2016 Mini-Conference, March 11-13, at Deer Creek Conference Center in Mt Sterling, Ohio.

Sandy D., Treasurer, Mini-Conference Committee

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