88th Annual AA Founders’ Day

The 88th Founder’s Day is June 9th -11th , 2023, and about a two-hour drive from Columbus, Ohio.
Most of the scheduled events are held on the campus of the University of Akron. Founders’ Day has been an important part of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Our current celebration has its roots from our humble beginnings starting back to 1941. For more information about the history of Founder’s Day click this link History of Founders’ Day

I was fortunate to have attended Founder’s Day for the first time early in my recovery. I was impressed to read the letters of acknowledgment and appreciation for Alcoholics Anonymous.
I have attended the AA meetings in JAR Arena, visited many of the points of interest such as Dr. Bob’s House (there is now a recently acquired a third property behind Dr. Bob’s House), the Akron Intergroup, the former May Flower Hotel, the Seiberling Gate Lodge, and the grave site where Dr. Bob and Anne are buried at Mt. Peace Cemetery.

The most important part of my travels to Founder’s Day are sharing the trip with the Women I sponsor and the people I have met. I have many memories of listening, and sharing with folks while waiting in line, visiting on the porch at Dr. Bob’s House, eating a meal at the Akron Family Diner (a picnic in the parking garage) and splashing around at the hotel pool.


I have learned something new every time I attend and look forward to the experience each year. I am grateful for the generosity of the people who invited me into their lives and for the friendships I have today.


For information about how to register to attend Founder’s Day click here 


Teri G.

Archives Committee Chairperson

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